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Figures for painting are fired at 1100 C. Thus, they gain the necessary strength and specific surface needed for coloring. Ceramic figures are not as fragile and brittle hygroscopic as plaster figures. Painting over them with acrylic paints is easy and enjoyable for young children, pupils and their parents and grandparents. The figures can be polished after colouring to obtain a glossy or not to remain more matted. In both instances, after paints dry and polish, figures do not pollute and do not have any harmful influence over people. Figures are available in sets (one or three figures, five colors of acrylic paints, brush and instructions for coloring) and unpacked - for larger quantities. Already painted, ceramic figures are wonderful gifts and souvenirs and are often used as characters for children's home theater, moneyboxes, pencil holders, vases, jewelry boxes and more.

Souvenirs made from white ceramic are manufactured from Bulgarian sources and materials. There are entirely handmade. One product is fully completed after passing over 30 times through the hands of masters. Stages of firing are three:
1. bisque fire – up to 1100 C
2. glazing and firing - 1200 C
3. decorating (paints, varnishes, gold, decals) and firing - 820 C

   Products are not only used as souvenirs but can be used for domestic purposes.
We are offering over 25 types (white glazed products; and other colors) that are decorated according to the customers desire; logo, photograph or drawing of the object (historical, geographical, anniversary, etc.).
We are able to produce ceramic souvenirs by clients’ request, base on their idea and made especially for them.