Keramit Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2004 in the town of Novi pazar, region of Shumen, Bulgaria. The company has its own manufacture for ceramic goods production. The company works in corporation with artists, designers, photographers and computer specialists. The area is well known for its highly developed manufacturing silicate and highly qualified experts. It can be assumed that this is the center of white pottery output in Bulgaria.
   Ceramic products are made in accordance with a traditional technology, known for centuries by the Bulgarian masters. Most recently used of production are casting and forming. The entire process is manual, the models are made of plaster, clay, wood sculptures; they are made of molds and the molds of plaster formers. For molds is used clay and for the casting - plastic content. After casting or shaping products are trimmed, washed off and fired in kilns. 
   We have over 250 models. We are able to make ceramics by our current and future partners’ idea or model. The time needed is within a month. Price is negotiable.